From a very early age on, and being from New York I quickly developed a passion for nature, the environment and culture, in all its various flavors and connotations. Often, to their consternation, I was seduced by my curiosity away from family, friends, or school groups, in awe of nature and the environment, letting my imagination wander amongst the clouds in the sky and marveling at the way the sunlight illuminated the people as if by a magic wand. Therefore, it was a foregone conclusion that I would become a photographer so that I could share this passion and these emotions with others.

In 2001 I was able to fulfill my dream by graduating from the New York Institute of Photography, and through the patience of my instructors - Walter Karling and Jerry Rice, my technical skills improved significantly. I suppose, like most photographers, when at the turn of the millennium I debated on making the transition from film to digital photography, as this was after the age of all things digital, I learned to adapt, enjoy and appreciate the new Digital cameras, and with workshops and the Better Photo Team, my universe widened and I knew that I would never run out of things to learn and my mission would always be to strive towards excellence and meet the challenging road ahead, ever full of new obstacles, hoping to rise to the challenge and conquer each obstacle as that is what brings me the most pleasure and satisfaction.